Thursday 8 October 2015

Cleaning and Mopping the Floor at Remote click !

- Iconic iRobot home robots now in India

 Bangalore : Puresight Systems today announced that it has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of iRobot Corp. in India. Through this partnership, Puresight Systems will bring iRobot’s robotic floor cleaners - the Roomba vacuum cleaning robot and the Braava floor mopping robot – to the Indian market, giving people the power to change the way they clean.  
     Founded in 1990 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists, iRobot designs and builds some of the world’s most important robots. The company’s home robots empower people to do more and have revolutionized the way people clean  inside and out. iRobot has sold over 14 million robots in more than 60 countries, with the Roomba vacuum cleaning robot leading the charge.


iRobot Roomba
·         The iAdapt responsive Navigation Technology responds to the environment to make smart cleaning decisions in the real world. It is the most flexible, effective robotic technology available.
·         The round shape helps it navigate into and out of tight spaces.
·         Dirt detection: focuses on cleaning where it's needed most
·         Roomba knows to return to its Home Base when finished cleaning a room or needs a charge.
·         It can be scheduled to clean at a time that is convenient for the user.

iRobot Braava
·         Suitable for all hard-surface floors, including hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate
·         Mops with disposable or reusable microfiber cloths, dry or damp
·         Next-gen NorthStar® Navigation Cubes maps the room, ensuring a complete and effective clean


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