Monday, 19 October 2015

Havells redefines domestic switchgear business!

Bengaluru: Havells India Limited, a leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods Company with a strong global footprint, today shared it new approach to domestic switchgear business in the state.
       The company for the first time is looking at offering solutions in-line with consumers demand for latest technology matching modern day décor. The new range of products will provide enhanced safety, security and appeal, keeping in mind the growing base of young consumers. The company already is a market leader in domestic switchgear business in the country with over 28% market share.
     The company launched its innovative range of switchgear products comprising of Automatic Changeover with Current Limiter (ACCL), Euro II series MCBs & RCCBs and premium & super premium range of distribution boards. These latest & safest yet aesthetically appealing switchgears would safeguard residences from any electrical issues. Havells has different solutions for commercial and industrial applications. 
       Havells ACCL is a fully automatic high precision microcontroller based ‘Source Changeover’ device that offers easy and ‘controllable’ changeover between main power supply and generator supply, and helps in overcoming the problem of increased downtime and disruption in key activities. Havells is also the first organized sector company in India to manufacture ACCL. 
       Over the years consumers’ expectations have changed but switchgear sector continued to use technology developed in 70s & 80s. Euro II series of Switchgear is completely designed, developed and manufactured in-house surpassing all the expectations of modern day consumers. The consumers typically use multiple appliances these days that often overload the wiring system. Euro II series not only provides protection against overload, short circuit and electric shock (earth leakage) but it has also been designed as one of the most user friendly Circuit Breakers available in the country in line with global specifications. The entire range of Euro II switchgears would be provided to consumers at no extra cost. 
       Distribution boards are fast becoming part of the living room. Until now, most people used to hide distribution boards as they did not gel with overall aesthetics of the living room. For the first time in the industry, Havells has launched a range of premium and super premium range of distribution boards that matches with modern day décor and aesthetics. The new range of distribution boards offers unique metallic finish and colours for modern homes. It also comes with magnetic locks, sleek curves, scratch resistant glossy surface with metallic paints and designer handles. Initially, the premium range will be available in metallic silverish grey/golden sparkle and sparkling white colors and super premium range will be available in wood, marble and leather finish. For the first time in the industry, the company would offer a choice to consumers to buy door of distribution box separately to suit their home interiors. 
         Speaking at the occasion, Mr. AV Jagdish, Vice President and Head of Switchgear Segment, Havells India Limited, said, “I am happy that once again we are redefining the industry. Consumers and their expectations have changed and the new approach is more flexible and will help us further strengthen our business. The state is among the early adopters for new trends. Therefore, for an innovative company like us, Karnataka becomes a key market. We believe that for catering to a smarter India, one should withstand the tests posed by smarter states. We are excited to build upon our product portfolio and market share by empowering our customers”. 
       The company has a strong presence in the state with a network of over 400 dealers and distributors in more than 60 cities across the state. At present, the company has 41 galaxies and plans to launch 9 more galaxies by 2016. Through its dedicated efforts in the state, Havells targets total revenue of Rs. 500 cr by 2016. The company is also planning to expand its reach to Tier 2/3 cities and towns and increase the retail network. 

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