Saturday 12 November 2016

Christ School Celebrates Children’s Day with a Million Colours

Bengaluru November 12: It was a day to fly with Colours at Christ Color Festival with over 7,000 people across three generations – old, young and children, men and women, including students, teachers and parents, and from age 3 to 90 years – took part in the Fest, for the first time in school history, to mark Children’s Day in a truly special way. The Christ School CBSE campus was awash in a riot of colours trying their hand at giving shape to their emotions and creativity. 

The Festival was Inaugurated by Rock Star Rohit, RJ & Actor, along with Shri. Sridhar Comaravalli, Cartoonist, Rev. Fr. Augustine Paimpallil CMI , Principal, Christ School, Rev. Fr. Mathew Thadathil, Vice Principle and Kishore Joseph , Director, Breathe Entertainment. 

A concept of Breathe Entertainment, and hosted by Christ School, the Festival offered the participants a vibrant and kaleidoscopic experience of a cultural potpourri across many media and formats like Performing arts, Fine and traditional arts, Culinary arts, visual and digital art, art installations, interactive art and contemporary art. 

Curious crowds thronged the over 50 stalls, with the main attraction of the day being the special children  participating in full enthusiasm that struck a ready chord with the people.
There were famous artists too, such as Drums Circle by Drums Event India, Magic Show Flash Mob, Yoga sessions Calligraphy worksho, Dance workshop by Genesis School of Dance and exclusive Entertainment arena by Snow City
Kishore Joseph, Director, Breathe Entertainment, and the brain behind the event, said choosing Children’s Day for the event is our way of attempting to bring people together”  and to bring out the child in everyone. “The focus was on creativity and the right mix of colors, and it feels really great to motivate kids by organizing such events,” he said.

Color Festival was hosted by Christ School, State Syllabus, because, said Fr. Augustine Paimpallil CMI , Principal, Christ School, it’s a unique event which brings together people belonging to three generations, students, parents & teachers  under a single platform to express themselves through art and painting.

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