Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Creative initiative by ALFAA for Autism Spectrum Disorder Individuals

Bengaluru: ALFAA (Assisted Living for Autistic Adults) a charitable registered Trust, is organizing the press conference for all Parents of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ALFAA aims to provide good quality short term and long-term residential facilities, for the care and protection of people with ASD, when the parents get old and even in the event of death of parents or guardian.
     ALFAA is having the SPECIAL Fashion Show to create awareness about the whole concept which in turn will help Autistic children tomorrow called ‘TRICKLE DOWN PROCESS’ , where in the teenagers and adults with AUTISM are trained to walk with finesse as a seasoned models. This is going to be our 4th RAMP WALK and the entire program is supported and hosted by non-other than the GURU of Fashion in Karnataka and world over, Mr Prasad Bidapa.
     “We constantly work on getting parents empowered through workshops and informative lectures and debates on one hand and create general aware about Autism (Autism is a very complex neurodevelopment disorder that affects the social communication skills in an individual affecting his/her all round development) in the community and amongst people who have not been associated with the disorder directly” said by Ruby Singh, Director of ALFAA
      To keep pace with other things and in the same line of activity with a multi-pronged benefit and target area, ALFAA is conducting a one hour Fashion show With a Difference. We wish to show the world, especially, the Ad Industry, the corporate houses and the modeling world that these children, despite their disability, can be lifted to their highest potentials by proper training and guidance.
      The rationale behind this program is to attract the attention of the Advertising community to look at our children and adults with ASD and create an opportunity for their employability, however small. Employment opportunity for ASD individuals are so little that most of the adults are forced to remain at home and with no source of income the care and daily living can become a burden for any family. By having these individuals walk the Ramp we are trying to implant an idea in the minds of people who may dare to take a brave step and come forward to give them a CHANCE at least for still photographs and press ads for commercial products.
      How ALFAA started: It was started by a mother with an adult son who is on the Spectrum with the sole aim to find solution for the ever bothering doubts faced by parents of IDD’s. The underline foundation stone and the objective of the trustees were to find an achievable way to give a dignified living to the affected individual as well as, the entire family of that individual. Although our main aim is to address the worst fear of the parent which is “WHAT AFTER ME?
     ALFAA also provides counseling to families of people with autism spectrum disorder and serves as the voice for autism community and promotes awareness of autism in society.

DATE of the Fashion Show- 24th OCTOBER 2015
VENUE- " SOUL SANTHE" Whitefield, BangaloreTIME- Evening... 6 - 7 PM

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