Monday 19 October 2015

No single system of healthcare has the best solutions for all our health needs : Governer

Bengaluru : The Transdisciplinary University (TDU) celebrated 5 years of its pioneering work of its 100-bed Integrative Healthcare Centre.  Governor of Karnataka VajubhaiVala presided over the function, joined by Padma Shri Darshan Shankar, Vice Chancellor, Trans-Disciplinary University,  Vishwanath, MLA, Yelahanka constituency, SwamySriramadesikan, CEO, BVA Academy and Dr. Mahadevan, CEO & MD, I-AIM Healthcare on the dais for this occasion. 
      Governor in his address pointed out that Transdisciplinary University and its Health Centre called the “Institute of Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine” is a futuristic initiative for the 21st century. He highlighted the wonderful healthcare set-up in the city which is landscaped with more than a 1200 species of medicinal plants. “It is amazing to see this center supported by research laboratories, computerized databases, library of medical manuscripts and an active community health program.”       
     He also pointed out that no single system of healthcare has the best solutions for all our health needs. Allopathy is excellent for emergencies and surgery. Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Yoga are best for chronic conditions and for prevention and well-being. His Excellency talked about many of his relatives who have found Ayurveda based cure for ulcers, back pain and diabetes. He also emphasized the daily practice of Yoga for better health. 
     The Governor congratulated Mr. Sam Pitroda and his entire team of dedicated workers, and appreciated Mr. Ratan Tata for supporting such a relevant vision. This is the time for us to wake up! As Indians to modernize our medical heritage, generate evidence about its safety, quality and effectiveness and share our researched knowledge with the world. 
     “The TDU Healthcare Centre called “I-AIM” is the only integrative healthcare facility of its kind in the country. The facility was established with financial support from Mr.Ratan Tata who launched the center in early 2011. The healthcare center has served more than a lakh out-patients and close to 5000 in-patients, since its inception” said Shri Darshan Shankar, Vice Chancellor, I-AIM TDU. 
       Dr. Mahadevan, CEO of I-AIM Healthcare, added that the unique feature of the center is that it not only deals with management of chronic diseases and lifestyle disorders but also with wellbeing. The center conducts a comprehensive integrative master health checkup to assess health status and not merely disease status as is the case with conventional health checkups.I-AIM offers a unique memory enhancing and healthy tissue building Ayurvedic remedy for infants. He also thanked the patients who shared their experiences of getting benefited at I-AIM for Autism, Parkinson’s, Gangrene and Osteoarthritis.

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