Saturday 24 October 2015

Special Fashion Show for Autistic Adults !

Bengaluru: ALFAA(Assisted Living for Autistic Adults)a charitable registered TrustOrganized a special fashion show for Autistic Adults today at Soul Santhe Whitefield.
     Special Fashion Show is to create awareness about the whole concept which in turn will help Autisticchildren tomorrow called ‘TRICKLE DOWN PROCESS’ , where in the teenagers and adults with AUTISM are trained to walk with finesse as a seasoned models. This is the 4th RAMP WALK and the entire program is supported and hosted by non-other than the GURU of Fashion in Karnataka and world over, Mr Prasad Bidapa, the show features children, teenagers and adults with autism spectrum disorders.      
     Mr. Bidapa says, "This is best way we can make these children inclusive in the society. These children are very good looking and can be trained to walk nicely. We can also help them build portfolios and get them accustomed to ramp walks. We are also planning to send across their portfolios to corporate houses and ad agencies to build up a suitable platform for them. With some training, grooming and a little help, they will be as good as any other model." 
    “We constantly work on getting parents empowered through workshops and informative lectures and debates on one hand and create general aware about Autism (Autism is a very complex neurodevelopment disorder that affects the social communication skills in an individual affecting his/her all round development) in the community and amongst people who have not been associated with the disorder directly” said by Ruby Singh, Director of ALFAA

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