Monday 19 October 2015

FLO helps in building Financial Competency among women

Bengaluru: FICCI Ladies Organisation(FLO),Bangalore has been continuously working towards creating greater skills for its members. From partnering with the Bangalore Stock Exchange to interacting with leading entrepreneurs, FLO is continuously working to create greater abilities among women.
       FLO teams up with Mr. Bishnu Dhanuka (Founder & Director of Millenium Maams) to deliver this program to the participants. More than 1,000 ladies have completed this course since its inception in 1994. The students come up with presentations, analysis as well as their own version of the finance minister’s Budget prior to the reading of the real one. 
      “My father-in-law used to look after the family’s investments and I used to listen to the men gossip and discuss balance sheets, not knowing what was going on,” said Aruna Dhanuka, one of the earliest members. “After joining Millennium Mams, I learnt about the basics of debit and even how to read and make balance sheets. Today there are three analysts under me and I handle the investments for my whole family,” she smiled. 
       “Our aim is to help the women better develop the understanding of finance and economics, so that the women can better contribute as professionals or as a family business,” says Chairperson FICCI FLO Bangalore, Rati Dhandhania Mundrey. “This program is one among many to develop the complete woman”. 
       “Economics is a critical tool to understanding the world. Economic issues are an ever-present and inherent part of our lives: wealth inequality, globalization, the impacts of climate change,unemployment and inflation. While many issues are fundamentally economic in nature, most social, political and environmental problems have important economic consequences” Rati adds. 
     FICCI FLO Bangalore has ongoing programs for financial education, entrepreneurship development as well as training of women directors.

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