Tuesday 13 October 2015

Freshersworld.com launches ‘JobForAll’

-      A smart hiring solution for entry level jobs across categories.
 Bengaluru : Freshersworld.com, India’s job site for freshers, announced the launch of ‘JobForAll’, a smart hiring solution for entry level positions in Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Business Development, Retail, Content Writing as well as all junior level job roles. The platform promises to be a game changer in the entry level scene with advanced features which will help recruiters hire the best candidates for job openings across industries.
     Unlike traditional job portals which only offer a bulk database from which a HR person has to manually sift through hundreds and thousands of resumes to identify the most relevant profiles, ‘JobForAll’ provides a multi-touch point hiring solution that eliminates unnecessary and unproductive efforts by the HR team and helps identify relevant profiles using an automated, twin mapping mechanism.
    “Hiring for entry level positions continues to be among the toughest tasks for any recruitment team, using up resources and hindering efficiencies. Getting quality candidates to actually turn up for the interview is becoming increasingly challenging” said Joby Joseph, CEO of Freshersworld.com. “Our smart hiring solution enables a recruitment team to quickly zero in on 10 double screened profiles, with these candidates having a thorough understanding of the job requirement, the salary offered and are equipped to appear for the interview.”
     ‘JobForAll’ is supported by a highly intuitive web and mobile app which will ensure that the shortlisted candidates appear for the walk-ins. The USP of the app include features like double screening, SMS confirmation, Map tracking, push notifications and questionnaires. Also, the ability to chat with the candidates before the walk-in date is a much needed feature that the company has seamlessly integrated with the app.
     “This contemporary solution will save time, money and resources for a recruitment team, while accelerating the hiring process and position closure time. Freshersworld.com guarantees a 4 day turnaround for all recruitment teams who choose this platform for their entry level hiring needs” added Joby.
       Freshersworld.com highlights a compelling double screening process to weed out irrelevant applications from the vast pool of resumes and maps candidate profiles that fit the job role perfectly. The ability to attach a questionnaire with jobs will ensure that the virtual screening of profiles is done in a manner similar to a face to face round.

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